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Tired Of Short Nails? Here’s How To Grow Longer Nails In A Matter Of Days

Tired Of Short Nails? Here’s How To Grow Longer Nails In A Matter Of Days



hen it comes to nail growth, there are a good number of factors that are not within our scope of control. Nevertheless, it’s not a hopeless situation that you can leave entirely to chance. Practicing good nail hygiene and eating deliberately will help push you towards the solution for this common beauty issue: how to grow longer nails!

Learning how to grow longer nails is not just about quick tips to grow your nails overnight but also about understanding that just like every part of your body, your nails need to be strategically cared for.

Your nails are made up of very thin layers and as such, should be treated delicately. Long gorgeous nails are not necessarily made in nail salons. On the contrary, allowing your nails breathe every now and then is a great start towards growing long, healthy nails.

It might seem like there’s no pattern for nail growth but these are some of the strategic things that facilitate its growth…

1. Stop nibbling on your nails, it’s not dinner


“I love how my nails look after chewing them” said no one ever. Unfortunately, this is a habit that’s surprisingly hard to stop but if you are tired of hiding your hands under your sleeves in gatherings and want to grow longer nails then it’s time to desist from it.

To make a conscious step towards quitting this habit, try keeping your nails polished at all times. Preferably, use a bitter nail polish to discourage any form of biting. Observe the triggers that lead to it and create an alternative activity. For instance, some people bite their nails when they’re bored or nervous, so try to distract yourself with something else whenever you feel the need to indulge.

2. Keep your nails dry often

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That hot bathtub soak is well endorsed but regular prolonged baths would leave you squeaky clean and your nails extremely soft and easy to bend. While this will weaken your nails, it is sometimes unavoidable because laundry has to be done and dishes washed. You can wear gloves for activities that involve soaking your hands in water for a long time. “Water no get enemy” but too much water does. Also avoid opening cans with your nails as this is a sure way to weaken or break them. 

3. Try taking Biotin supplements


This vitamin thickens the cuticle and prevents nail splitting, ultimately helping you grow longer nails. It is advisable to take this vitamin orally either through foods that contain biotin or supplements. Foods that contain biotin include raw cauliflower, nuts and legumes, sweet potatoes and mushrooms.

The dosage of biotin supplements in adults should be 30 mg daily. Biotin has been found to not be harmful to people who constantly ingest it. Although, there are cases when you need to seek medical help before taking biotin like during pregnancy because the prenatal supplements should already have high doses of biotin or if you’re taking drugs for seizures. Check with your doctor first to avoid interference with any other medications you may be taking.

4. Apply olive oil

How To Grow Longer Nails In A Matter Of Days: SR Beauty

Olive oil has been around for a very long time and is found in many religious homes. Fortunately, it’s not just an anointing oil like we Nigerians and Africans have relegated it to but is indeed rich in vitamin E and polyphenols. This oil gives the same results as most over-the-counter nail treatments when applied daily because it is absorbed easily into the nails to produce stronger and healthier nails.

Gently massage warm olive oil into your nails for at least 5 minutes then let it sit pretty in a glove overnight or alternatively soak your nails in warm olive oil for 20 minutes. Do this as often as possible, depending on how fast you want your nails to grow. Also, after using nail polish remover, work some olive oil into your fingers to help keep nails intact.

We hope these tips help you get the long strong nails you’ve always dreamed of!

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