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5 Fool-proof Ways To Prevent Body Odor

5 Fool-proof Ways To Prevent Body Odor


People tend to judge us by the way we smell because it tells a lot about our personal hygiene which reflects on our personal brand. How you smell has the ability to either attract or repel others. When it’s a pungent smell, it tends to affect our confidence and ultimately our social life. So it is super important that we take extra caution about what smell we give off and ensure that we have no body odor that can become the talk of town.

We can all agree that we smell a bit off every now and then. A bad smell can hit you after a workout or worse still in the middle of a party where you were just about to fling your arms in the air and have a good time. Although every individual has a unique scent that is determined by factors like age, gender and diet, environmental and lifestyle choices can affect the body’s natural pH which contributes to the presence of a body odor.

What causes body odor?

We all sweat but who loves the stink that comes after? Absolutely no one! But contrary to what we have always known, sweating is not the key issue, rather body odor results from how your sweat interacts with the bacteria on your skin thereby producing a bad scent.

We have broken down the easiest ways to prevent body odor and keep your confidence level top notch… 

1. Personal hygiene


This has to be the most important step to fighting the stink and it is to bath at least once a day, but preferably twice, using antibacterial soaps especially after workouts or any activity that requires you sweating. Top it up with drying yourself properly as moist areas encourage the breaking down of bacteria into pungent substances.

Be sure to pay attention to parts of the body that are prone to sweating like the armpits. Also, shave the armpits regularly because hair slows down the evaporation process.

Mama was right after all, you just can’t skip your regular baths, laundry day and overall personal hygiene.

2. Antiperspirants / deodorants

There are people you know who just don’t seem to need this but for most of us, antiperspirants are a lifesaver. They contain aluminium chloride which contains underarm sweating when applied. Using this two times a day keeps the stench away, preferably in the morning before you head out and at bedtime after taking a shower (this helps the antiperspirant work better because you’re at a state of rest and not sweaty).

If you have a more severe case of BO, there are antiperspirants that are of higher strength, it doesn’t necessarily have to be prescribed – you could opt for those. Also consider keeping a deodorant in your car and in the office. A few swipes a day keeps the judgy stares away. 

3. Eat consciously

We all know that garlic is extremely beneficial to our health but we don’t need to be reminded that it is strong smelling and can seep through the pores. Same goes for onions, curry and fatty foods. Also alcohol, caffeinated drinks and smoking can cause you to sweat more while leaving their unpleasant smell on you and this will definitely contribute to body odor issues.

You don’t have to completely cut out these foods from your diet but it’s all about consuming them in moderate quantities and at the right time. You can’t choose to nibble on garlic 15 minutes to an important meeting or event. Understanding that you are what you eat will go a long way in helping you make better diet choices.

4. Choose to wear natural fabrics

There’s a reason why people don’t wear polyester gym clothes anymore and that sexy silk blouse might be one of the reasons that pungent smell sky rocketed. While you might want to stay on your fashion A game, avoid fabrics that trap sweat against the skin or you might end up slaying folks with body odor instead.

For workouts, avoid wearing nylon, polyester and rayon like a plague. Opt for natural fabrics like cotton which allows sweat to evaporate easily. As much as it lies within your power, avoid tight fitting clothes and wear more loose, airy outfits. Think osmosis! You need space for that air exchange to get any funny smells off your body and fresh air onto it.

5. Go the natural way


Mother nature always has our back. She should be visualized with a cape on and a big S crested on her chest. From apple cider vinegar to lemons, there are tons of natural ways to keep body odor at bay. You can add apple cider vinegar or tomato juice to your daily bath and soak your whole body to restore balance to your skin.
You can also ward off body odor by mixing baking soda and corn starch (50/50) and applying it to your armpits or mixing lemon juice and enough baking soda to form a paste and applying it to your armpits few minutes before a bath.

Lemon is a natural deodorant and can be applied on the armpits after shower. However, if you just shaved this might not be a good idea because it stings.

Sometimes, you have done all you can but that smell just won’t go away. Although rare, body odor can also be as a result of an underlying medical condition and/or genetics. In this case, you might want to see your GP, ask your doctor about prescription antiperspirants.

These simple yet potent ways of reducing body odor will help you smell better and slay better!

…sure honey, you are welcome.

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