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6 Ways To Change Up Your Dress Styling Game According To Lerato Seuoe

6 Ways To Change Up Your Dress Styling Game According To Lerato Seuoe


If you are a dress kind of girl then you would find that it is easy to build your fantasy wardrobe by taking style lessons from South Africa’s Lerato Seuoe. And with that, I should announce that the focus of this piece is not about Lerato Seuoe’s style in general, but the ways she wears dresses.

We can’t tell you how many dresses the beauty editor has but we sure know she’s mastered the art of wearing dresses. What then is the secret to assembling the right dress collection? How can you style what you already own in refreshing ways? The first step is to know that, a perfect dress is one that is comfortable.

At Style Rave, we always emphasize that the term looking good and feeling good should be taken literally. So if you are seeking out how to wear those Fashion Nova tight mini dresses with way too many cut off’s you won’t find that sort of inspiration here. Instead expect to see dresses that are comfortable, elegant, trendy and a bit of sexy.

Let’s take a look ways you can upgrade your dress style according to Lerato Seuoe…

Play It Up


The sneaker addition is all about combining comfort with chic. It’s not every time you would want to accompany your dress with heels.

Elegance Wins


If you happen to be headed to an event that requires you to bring out the glam, you could show up and show off without showing too much. If your top is a bit revealing, the bottom should be fully covered and vice vera. It’s all about creating a balance.

A Perfect Sauce

One fun way to take your look from basic to glam is by wearing RED. The shade on its own is loud and boisterous and it’s even more elaborate when maintained in monochrome style.

Jungle Fever


Do you own an animal print dress? If no – what are you waiting for? I mean there’s something daring and dashing about wearing a dress made from animal print fabric.


See Also

Life and creativity are the same and so having to try out new styles like this asymmetric two-toned wrap pleat dress is only a part of what makes dressing up exciting.

A girl needs shimmer

Lerato wore a shimmery form-fitting sequin dress with a low cut neckline for her 30th birthday. What better time to bring out the glitters if not during a celebration.

And there you have it! What are your favourite ways to style a dress?

Photo Credit: Instagram | Lerato_seuoe

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