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DJ Cuppy Is On A Mission To Remind Us That Pink Hair Rocks

DJ Cuppy Is On A Mission To Remind Us That Pink Hair Rocks


From watermelon to pastel, bubble gum to rose gold, Florence “Cuppy” Otedola has almost covered all the shades of pink with her hair game. The popular Disk Jockey and music artiste is about to be known to millions of people not just for her love of music but also for her love of pink hair.

DJ Cuppy’s preference for pink hairstyles have become her signature beauty look and we’re totally here for it. You’ll find that with a change in hue comes a change in hairstyle. Cuppy has gone from braided ponytail to short bob to long weaves and back to single braids. With every new hairdo, the billionaire daughter dispels the unspoken rules that limit black ladies from trying bright hair colours.

Cuppy pink hair

The ability to kill it in several looks in the same colour palette makes Cuppy the ultimate pink hair muse. She joins the likes of Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and other Hollywood celebrities who have also experimented with pink hair at one point or the other.

There are quite a number of pink shades to play around with. Different shades give different feels; there’s the demure look, the bold, the delicate and of course, the subversive and Cuppy has already covered a lot of these bases. If you want to try a bold or unique hairstyle this summer, especially while on vacation, pink hair should definitely be on top of your list now that you’ve got ample inspiration.

Take a look at how DJ Cuppy stays slaying with her pink hairstyles…

Pink hairstyles on black girls braids cuppy

Pink hairstyles on black girls

Pink hairstyles on black girls

Pink hairstyles on black girls

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Pink hairstyles on black girls


Pink hairstyles on black girls

Photo Credit: IG | Cuppymusic

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