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The Most Interesting Ankara Styles We’ve Seen This Month


The Most Interesting Ankara Styles We’ve Seen This Month

The ever-swelling attention accompanying the rise of the African fashion industry has left room for very little mistakes. It is time to prove that we are just as intimidating in fashion as we are with our personality. A genuine fanbase has tuned into the frequency of the industry, and the main focus currently is the use of African print – particularly, the Ankara fabric.

Now, intimidating isn’t fear in this context because there is nothing frightening about the African fashion industry, however, the talents emerging at every turn have made many in the global fashion scene see African fashion as a real emerging competition. This may explain why a good number of international brands are including Ankara prints in their collections.

Over in Africa, there’s a silent competition brewing among designers as the designs get more and more intricate and interesting. As weddings and other grand occasions are held, instead of just looking forward to the bride’s look, we’re now equally interested in the aso ebi styles that will show up to the game. But it’s all healthy competition as these interesting styles only continue to generate global interest in African fashion.


Bolanle Olukanni

The nuance of intimidating is why we’ve created a lookbook of rich Ankara styles that do not only display art but the qualities of a well-tailored piece.

In this lookbook, you will also find that we created a balance of some sort. While we are proving to the world that Africa’s talent is very much up to par, we also want you to be inspired by what you see. Not to toot our own horn, but you can always be assured of our suggestions as they are always rave-worthy!

Take a stroll through the most interesting Ankara styles we’ve seen this month, so far…











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