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#SRCOTD: 11 Rave-worthy Ways To Rock RED

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#SRCOTD: 11 Rave-worthy Ways To Rock RED

Fashion designer Bill Blass once said: “whenever in doubt, wear red,” and this is not far from the truth. Red is the colour of blood, lust, anger, sin, passion, desire, attraction, love, fire and many other powerful representations. There is no other colour as rich in its symbolism as red.

Red is one of the boldest and the most exciting shades on and off the rainbow and when it comes to fashion, we can tell you for a fact that it is not one of the easiest colours to pair or style; the wrong move will easily have you looking like a clown. Yes, red is feisty like that! However, when done right, it can be nicely infused into an ensemble as a top, bottom, an accessory, paired with denim, leather or as an all-over outfit and more.

Wearing a bold colour like red with just one other colour is the easiest route to follow. A three-colour combo works well too but things get tricky with more than three colours except you pair a solid red piece with a mixed-colour print like Chicamastyle did below.

Other easy options would be to pair it white, blue or black. Yellow being a warm hue as red is a surprising pairing that also works well, and red x pink which was a popular trend last year is combo every fashionable girl should try.

If you are looking for next-level ways to rock your red, we have got you covered.

Here are ways to rock red according to celebrities and style setters… 


1. Red pants paired with a black top



2. All red everything

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is simplycyn_54220652_647826908986356_7196108586545668427_n.jpg


3. Red lace on cobalt blue for a beautiful pop of colour!

Serwaa Amihere

4. Go tribal with a touch of Kente


5. Paired with a colourful graphic bodysuit


6. Sparkle and shine


7. Add drama with leather

Ama Godson

8. Plain and patterned pairings are to die for

Alexandra Lapp

9. Never say no to boots

Didi Stone

10. You can never go wrong with denim

Camila Coelho

11. Red and pink – A combo for every Style Raven

Original Mangu

Photo credit: IG | As captioned

What’s your favourite red pairing?

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