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8 Rave-Worthy Aso Ebi Looks From The #MeetTheEgbos Wedding

Aso Ebi

8 Rave-Worthy Aso Ebi Looks From The #MeetTheEgbos Wedding

A Nigerian wedding is never complete without the legendary Aso Ebi and in turn, the aso ebi culture is given a facelift. Every time, wedding guests take it to the next level. This was the case at the #MeetTheEgbos wedding which broke the Gram over the weekend. The traditional wedding which took place in Houston, Texas was the place to be as happy bride Charlyelynne got hitched to her beau, Stanley Egbo, brother to actress Tana Adelana.

Just because it was a diaspora wedding doesn’t mean guests won’t turn up in thought-provoking aso ebi styles because turn up they did.


Stanley Egbo & Bride Charlyelynne in Tubo

The bride herself had three stunning looks; two from Tubo and one from Tope FNR. What this says is: if the bride is lit, then her friends will be on fire too.


And fire they did bring with their aso ebi styles. While there was a bevy of stunning aso ebi designs at the high-class traditional wedding which saw a fusion of American and Nigerian cultures, we’ve selected our favourite style steals as seen on the bride’s girls.


Whether you are fashion enthusiast or just seeking inspiration, these aso ebi styles will get you fired up in no time.

Here are the most rave-worthy looks from the Texas-Nigerian wedding #MeetTheEgbos…

Actress Tana Adelana and sister @jemimasway







Watch the couple dance…

Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned

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