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The Coolest Sweater Styles According To These Style Influencers


The Coolest Sweater Styles According To These Style Influencers

 From New York to London to Paris and back to Chicago, the cold season is in full gear across the western hemisphere and depending on where you are the temperatures are nearing freezing point or below. Cold weather is synonymous with sweater season and when you’re a Style Raven or an aspiring one, only the coolest sweater styles will do.

From cosy over-sized designs to slouchy detailing and distressed looks, earlier this year, we spotted some of the coolest sweater styles from high fashion brands like Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga. Whether you wear a designer sweater or an everyday brand, you’ll be committing a fashion passé if you don’t style them correctly.

There are so many fun ways to style your sweater and thanks to these style influencers, we’ve curated 7 haute ideas to help you style your sweater like the pros.

Here are 7 cool ways to style your sweater this season…

Turtle-neck Sweater x White Pants x Statement Boots


Open Cardigan x Tank Top + Skinny Jeans x Pumps


V-neck Sweater x A-Line Skirt x Laced-up Boots


Turtle-neck Sweater x Snake Print Skirt x Pointy Toe Shoes


Classic Sweater x Asymmetrical Plaid Skirt x Pumps


Open Cardigan Layered Over a Dress x Statement Boots


Beaded Sweater x Mini Skirt + Beret x Trendy Boots


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