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See How ’80s Fashion Is Already Influencing 2019 Fashion Trends

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See How ’80s Fashion Is Already Influencing 2019 Fashion Trends

It’s been mentioned many times over how vivid and vibrant ’80s fashion was. I mean when you do think about it there were a couple of not-so-cool aspects of the fashion craze of the ’80s, but like it is with everything that is life, some good aspects of that era’s fashion have circled back into this millennium.

The ’80s are back and it’s all over the streets and Instagram, but with a contemporary twist, of course. Of all the ’80s fashion trends that made a comeback in 2018 and are spilling into 2019, we’ve curated the 7 hottest at the moment! I must add that we are enjoying the recycled finishes.

Let’s take a look at the top ’80s fashion staples that have circled back into 2019…

Scarf Prints


Versace fronted this trend decades ago and also brought it back in 2018 and everyone is embracing it – again. For the most part, many of the new aesthetics are fresh or mixed with the iconic mashup of chains, paisley patterns, eclectic equestrian print and laurel leaf as a few of the popular choices.


8o's Fashion in 2019


The latex was a party staple last year. It seemed as though it was just discovered as everyone wanted a piece of it. We do have to point out that Fashion Nova helped to propel this trend forward with their faux latex products which are frankly easier to wear than the real thing.

Micro / Mini Skirts



Mini skirts are everywhere and the two-piece sets are particularly reminiscent of the ’80s. Everyone from Cardi B to Tommiee is on the trend train. If you’d like to show a little – well, a lot of legs, then this trend is for you.

Leopard Print

8o's Fashion in 2019


This print actually never goes out of style, but it became more mainstream in 2018 thanks to Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down this year.

Biker Shorts

8o's Fashion in 2019


It took some getting used to but the biker short is definitely burning haute in 2019. It also helps that style bloggers and influencers are creating some pretty iconic looks with this fashion staple.

Slogan T-Shirts


The best of the ’80s included fun and hilarious tees or t-shirts that were politically charged. However, as they grew in prominence they became more of a fashion staple. This is the same pattern we are following right now as Slogan Tees have become a must-have.



These aren’t your typical neon navy or grey, we are talking about those colours that add an instant perk to your outfit, like this neon green above. They are maximalist and bold but they work well if you know how to style them with finesse.

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