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You’ll Love Ghanaian OAP, Berla Mundi’s Classy Take On Fashion


You’ll Love Ghanaian OAP, Berla Mundi’s Classy Take On Fashion

Just when you think you’ve seen it all fashion-wise, you would come to appreciate the simple beauty that is Ghanaian media personality Berla ‘Mundi’ Addardey. Being consistently fashionable is not that easy but Berla Mundi happens to fall into the category of people who always look painlessly put together.

If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that classy styling is timeless – and by classy we mean a sophisticated dressing that has all the key elements of style that you need to impress without doing too much. For someone who’s always in the limelight, dressing classy is the personal choice that has propelled Berla Mundi to getting on the best-dressed lists since her debut on Ghanaian air.

By now you must have guessed what Berla Mundi’s take on fashion is like. However, as much as we would love to say that her style is mostly minimal, with a preference for neutral tones, the media girl also loves her a good pop of colour.

The beauty of her style also comes from its eclectic nature. Ahead you will find her in a range of looks including animal print, something artsy and African print – all of which we approve of. The best part has got to be how Berla succeeds in styling each of her looks elegantly, proving that monochrome style isn’t the only road to sophistication.

Here’s Berla Mundi’s take on fashion…

Photo Credit: IG | Berla Mundi

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