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Talented Artist SARA GOLISH Is Challenging Eurocentric Beauty Standards With Her Art


Talented Artist SARA GOLISH Is Challenging Eurocentric Beauty Standards With Her Art

Toronto-based fine artist Sara Golish is part of a new wave of creatives who are changing the narrative and creating novel Afrocentric art which celebrates and promotes African and black identities.

This new wave of creatives includes designers like Pyer Moss – who uses his brand to challenge social narratives and evoke dialogue – and artists like Laetitia Ky who understand how black bodies have been politicized especially the black woman’s hair and is using hers to make bold political statements. Like these creatives and brands, Sara Golish is challenging age-old Eurocentric narratives with her bold art.

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the 29-year-old visual artist specializes in figurative, lifestyle portraits and a special form of realism. Much of her work are sketches of black women done in a way that doesn’t subvert them to Eurocentric standards of beauty. This she does especially with their hair and more, making efforts not to over exaggerate black features the way a few artists have been known to. Sara Golish can be said to have found a balance between the two extremes by portraying black women realistically.

The importance of her art cannot be overstated especially in such a time when black people’s portrayal in the media remains controversial.

Scroll down to see the beauty of her artistic works…

Photo credit: IG | Saragolish

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