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Iro X Buba Redefined! See How Real Brides Are Rocking Deola Sagoe’s Luxury Komole Range


Iro X Buba Redefined! See How Real Brides Are Rocking Deola Sagoe’s Luxury Komole Range

In 2012, after years of development and research, Deola Sagoe who is mostly known for her haute couture designs launched the Komole Kandids Collection. The luxury collection was a modern play on the iconic Iro and Buba, a traditional Yoruba wedding attire. The designs were an instant hit – granted, mostly among the upper class and celebrities but even sore eyes could see its exquisite elegance.

The allure of the Komole range was simple: maintaining the classic elements of a traditional Iro and Buba while delivering a refined and contemporary appeal which made it truly irresistible.

Real bride Bidemi Zakariyau

Somehow, this collection which copycat tailors can only dream of remaking thanks to the exclusivity of its signature fabric, has gone on to inspire a little something in many Nigerian creatives.

Before the Komole arrived, there was a certain lack of authenticity that came with many of the local designer collections, as most focused on designs that were more western than Nigerian or African. After Deola Sagoe came out with the breathtaking Komole Kandids designs, the beauty of the reinvented Aso Oke fabric inspired others to think: innovation and culture!

Real bride Salewa Hassan-Odukale

Though the launch of the Komole Kandids Collection wasn’t as huge in 2012 as it was with the 2016 collection, thanks to Instagram, Deola Sagoe’s pieces now have a lot more audience.

On its own, the Komole Collection is one-of-a-kind with intricate embroideries, perfect infusions, risky but worth it details in attractive colours and fine motifs. It has been said that the designs are not just luxe but “fit for royalty” and we agree. It remains inspiring to see the designer take a culturally iconic attire and convert it into an ensemble that blends perfectly with the times we live in without compromising on its traditional representation.

Here’s how real brides and others are rocking Komole designs…

Photo Credit: IG | Deolasagoeofficial

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