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Coloured Hair and Fashion? Here’s How To Follow The Haute Trend


Coloured Hair and Fashion? Here’s How To Follow The Haute Trend

One beautiful outcome of the last couple of years is how beauty bloggers, creatives and celebrities of dark skin tone have made it a point to debunk the myth that once prevented dark-skinned women from dying their hair or wearing weaves and wigs in colours other than black or brown. Thanks to the trailblazers, dark-skinned women can now freely experiment with as many unnatural hair colours as they please.

With that said, there’s a light we need to shed and that’s the understanding that rocking coloured hair demands that you make no style mistakes. A great example of a Rave-worthy look is the one below.


You see, whenever you try on a different hairstyle, it has to always compliment your overall style. Whether you’re going for a simple or full-on glam outfit, your head to your toe look should be a tale of perfection especially when you have on one of these “unnatural colours.” As seen above actress Lilian Afegbai has on a purple hue side part bob which picks on one of the colours of her sequin mini-dress. This look is really the bomb, even as it provides a fine balance between maximalist and chic!

Are you bold enough to try the coloured hair look?

See how other fashionistas are rocking the coloured hair x fashion trend

@kikagoodhair and @chiomagoodhair






Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned 

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