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See How Talented Photographer ASIKO Is Capturing Black Femininity In Empowering Ways


See How Talented Photographer ASIKO Is Capturing Black Femininity In Empowering Ways

One of the most interesting and beautiful things about the creative arts is how people can use the most mundane and commonplace things to share a message, provoke conversations and tell a story simultaneously. I find this is most true in arts like music and photography. A photographer can turn into an activist and bring the spotlight on an issue or a group of marginalized people with just a single image – after all, a picture speaks a thousand words. This makes me think that maybe, we need more socially-conscious photographers like Asiko.

We previously shared his work as part of a team of creatives who recreated Black Panther characters using black children with the aim of making a statement on the importance of representation in mainstream media.

Well, Asiko is still creating phenomenal art that is provoking much-needed conversation and deep thinking. A great deal of his most recent images seems to revolve around a theme of feminism and female empowerment – a topic I feel the Nigerian society doesn’t quite discuss enough.

Asiko’s images come with a unique serenity and interesting realism that keeps you staring long at each picture as you try to decipher the deeper message it carries.

Check out how Asiko is capturing black femininity in empowering ways…

Photo credit: IG | Asiko_artist

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