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10 African Fashion Influencers Who Ruled 2018 With Sartorial Splendour


10 African Fashion Influencers Who Ruled 2018 With Sartorial Splendour


Was there ever a time without Instagram? These days, we easily forget that there once was such a time when we had to wait for a month or more before we were privy to the latest in fashion trends. There was also a time when fashion magazines and a few elite celebrities were the only ones in charge of setting trends. Well, a lot has changed since then and nowadays anyone who’s a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast can easily set a trend consciously or unconsciously. 

Social media applications like Instagram have made the world even smaller and many have become comfortable with sharing their passions and lifestyle with as many as care to indulge. This comfort with sharing has led to the rise of social media celebrities, aka influencers. Fashion influencers have literally turned Instagram into a microblogging platform where they share their ideas on what fashion should be, each amassing fashion faithfuls/followers with each outfit they share.

As someone who has always loved the entire idea of real people influencing the global culture of fashion, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have deep insight on the fashion influencers who made a huge impact with their craft this year. However, I’m narrowing my fashion lens to the fashion influencers who killed it in Africa, after all, what better place to start from if not the motherland.

Here are the African fashion influencers who ruled the scenes in 2018…

Olawunmi Adewale – Nigeria


Kefilwe Mabote – South Africa


Tracy Idirisu – Ghana


Jennifer Oseh – Nigeria



Melody Molale – South Africa


Aderonke Enoabasi Adefalujo – Nigeria


Angel Obasi – Nigeria


Silvia Njoki – Kenya 


Catherine Kariuki – Kenya 


Afua Rida – Ghana


Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned 

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