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Talented Hair Artist LAETITIA KY Lets Her Hair Do All The Talking


Talented Hair Artist LAETITIA KY Lets Her Hair Do All The Talking

In recent times, many black women have come to appreciate their natural hair even more and this has led to them building a relationship with their manes. Many have come to realise that, sitting at the intersection of their essence and femininity, their manes express their identity. For self-trained hair sculptor, Laetitia Ky, her hair is particularly a form of self-expression and the weapon of choice when it comes to her social and political activism.

But Laetitia Ky is not alone. Across the globe, many women of African heritage are embracing their kinky textures as an extension of self, which is why Solange Knowles’ single, Don’t Touch My Hair, resonates with many black women.

The twenty-one-year-old artist from Abidjan uses social media to show how she reimagines black women’s hair as she tells varying stories by sculpting her hair into whatever ideology she chooses to touch on. By manipulating her hair into these illustrations and telling these stories, she pushes her voice out into the world in a way that is too unique to get drowned by other voices. Laetitia gets involved in important social discourses like that of the #MeToo movement, gun violence, gender equality and so much more.

Scroll down to see her stunning hair art…

Photo credit: IG | Laetitiaky

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