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7 Times Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Proved They’ve Mastered Comfy Style


7 Times Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Proved They’ve Mastered Comfy Style

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are the paparazzi’s favourite couple right now. Since rekindling their relationship which led to an engagement, then speculations that they have already gotten married, the 24-year-old pop star and his 21-year-old girlfriend/wife have continued to draw attention even while being totally laid-back about their relationship and everything else including their style.

Prior to getting engaged, Hailey Baldwin has been known to champion the laid-back street style look. Not one to be seen too many times in heels, the model prefers sneakers and flats and she does it in a way no one else really can. Similarly, her boyfriend/husband has always had a thing for comfort fashion and although Hailey is the more polished of the two, choosing sometimes to go with more solid pieces, Beiber’s colourful combinations and ever-changing mane have put in some work too.

One thing that has made the duo the darling of the fashion world is how fantastic their casual style is and how their street style is perfectly coordinated with each other. Whether they are vacationing or getting breakfast at the coffee shop, the two lovebirds are always in sync.

Here’s a look at Justin and Hailey’s synchronized casual style…

Goals anyone?

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