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Avril Lavigne is Making A Comeback: Here’s What We Think Of It


Avril Lavigne is Making A Comeback: Here’s What We Think Of It

After a pretty long hiatus from the music scene she once dominated with timeless chart-topping pop hits which owned the hearts of many teenagers and young adults, Avril Lavigne has returned and is putting together her sixth studio album. With an almost five year gap between this forthcoming album and the last one, fans are all excited and expectant to see what Avril has been cooking up and the changes and growth her sound and artistry have experienced. The first single off the album, Head Above The Water gives us a little clue to this.

I can tell you that Head Above The Water is a soulful piece, and according to Avril a “spiritual” experience. It gives a peek at her struggle with Lyme disease something that the singer has been relatively open about. One can see that her sound, just like her audience has, has most definitely matured. The song’s more mature theme is a shift from what we’re used to from Avril but is expected as the multiple award-winning singer has grown as a person and an artiste, having been shaped by her struggles and experiences; especially her battle with Lyme disease which brought her close to death.

Head Above Water is a raw and personal ballad in which Avril delivers some of her best vocals – she tells a soulful story of resilience that many people can relate to. This is a song that leaves you connected to the singer and her experience; one every human who’s ever struggled with anything will appreciate.

Watch ‘Head Above Water’ below….

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