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Artist Spotlight: Take A Look At Multi Talented Creative TEJU COLE’s Superlative Work


Artist Spotlight: Take A Look At Multi Talented Creative TEJU COLE’s Superlative Work

The art of telling stories by various artistic mediums – using colours to tell stories on a canvas; using words to tell stories on paper; using cameras to tell visual stories and much more – is one that I have much reverence for especially because every storyteller approaches the art from a unique angle. It is quite intriguing to observe how each creative relay stories and ends up changing or challenging how we view things. One artist I recently came across whose art not only has me intrigued but also challenged my perspective on creating and so much more is Teju Cole, a multiple award-winning author and visual artist.

Teju Cole, who was born in America to Nigerian parents, is the photography critic of the New York Times Magazine and the Gore Vidal Professor of the Practice of Creative Writing at Harvard – a fairly lofty position and height but this is not all; the Columbia University trained author has several books to his name including Every Day is for the Thief and Open City, along with many other outstanding articles and writing credits that all serve to make his portfolio intimidating by any standard.

Via LA Times

The Brooklyn, NY – based artist moves beyond the literary world and is an above brilliant photographer whose work has been exhibited in Italy, Iceland, India, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

He has also merged his writings and photography in his book titled, Blind Spot – which was named one of the best books of 2017 by Time Magazine and was shortlisted by the Aperture/Paris Photo Photobook Award. The book, Blind Spot, was inspired by his experience with papillophlebitis, also called “big blind spot syndrome,” which caused him to spontaneously lose vision in his left eye for two days.


Here’s a peek at Teju Cole’s superlative photographic work…

Capri, June 2015

Brienzersee, June 2014


Saint Moritz, July 2015

Rivaz, October 2014

Muottas Muragl, July 2015

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