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Pretty Hurts! 10 Times Lilian Afegbai Looked Absolutely Radiant

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Pretty Hurts! 10 Times Lilian Afegbai Looked Absolutely Radiant

Nigerian actress, model, and TV presenter Aimiehi Onyinyen Afegbai, popularly known as Lilian Afegbai or simply as Lily Afe, has equally become known for her stunning makeup and hair games. Whether she is walking the red carpet or just stepping out for drinks with friends, Lilian ensures her beauty look is top notch! That’s how serious she is about building her personal brand, and we love it!

She typically plays it safe with her beauty looks, which has worked for her time and time again, making her the sort of celebrity who hits the red carpet with a consistent glam look. The beautiful actress has successfully tried out several makeup looks, still one thing remains a given: expect popping lashes and a glossy lip as part of the package.

Overall, her glam depicts simplicity and confidence. With her signature blinding highlights and love for the ponytail hairstyles, Lilian remains a queen in her own Glowdom..sorry, kingdom.

Want to look radiant? Lily Afe is who you should be eyeing!

Here are a few of the many times Lilian Afegbai delivered in the Glowdom…

Photo Credit: IG | LilianAfegbai

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