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Andrew Dosunmo Presents ‘This Is Naija: A Nigerian Football Story’ | WATCH


Andrew Dosunmo Presents ‘This Is Naija: A Nigerian Football Story’ | WATCH



his Is Naija: A Football Story is an 18-minute documentary created in collaboration with Nike Football. The video presents a fresh narrative of the Nigerian football story; showing how football is/has been viewed over several generations.

In a time where the lines that divide us as Nigerians are particularly visible, and things like insecurity, ethnic/tribal conflicts and political face-offs have put undue stress on us all as a people, something like football is a much needed and much appreciated relief. For ages, sports has served as a cultural unifying factor, blurring the divisible lines and showing us that underneath it all, we are all one.

The 2018 Russian World Cup has created a sort of fever which managed to touch every single person including occasional football watchers like myself. From the unveiling of the Nigerian Jersey to the PR that surrounded the event, and the videos created by several popular Nigerian musicians and artists in collaboration with multinational brands, the football fever profoundly united Nigerians in a way few things have in a very long while.

This Is Naija: A Football Story explores different eras of Nigerian football; from a time when a career in football was considered something only outcasts and people with no ambition pursued and when its earnings were meagre to now, a period in which football is something everyone wants to be part of.


The video was shot by Nigerian international filmmaker Andrew Dosunmo who also shot the 2006 documentary ‘The African Game‘ and features conversations by Segun Odegbami, a star of the 1980 Nigerian Africa Cup Team, and current Super Eagles players like Odion Ighalo and Wilfred Ndidi. It successfully captures the essence and soul of Nigerian football and how football is one of those rare things that transcends our religious and ethnic differences.

Watch the video below…

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