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Here’s What We Think of ‘Girls Like You’ by MAROON 5 and CARDI B


Here’s What We Think of ‘Girls Like You’ by MAROON 5 and CARDI B


017 will be remembered for a lot of things and one of those things is the birth of a new rap icon and a fresh face and voice born into the rap industry in the person of Cardi B. Although her entrance into the game wasn’t without so much drama, Cardi B did not let any of that deter her drive. She persevered through them while simultaneously dropping great hits and a great album. One of her most recent releases is in collaboration with Maroon 5 titled ‘Girls Like You‘.

The American pop band, Maroon 5, is known for their beautiful ballads, pop and neo soul songs and when paired with a spit fire rap goddess like Cardi B, who’s known for a more empowering type of rap, they somehow produced something so melodic and balanced.

The general sound of the song is pop rock with just a hint of soul – enough soul to provoke emotions and enough pop rock to get you moving. With Adam Levine, the lead vocalist of Maroon 5, singing in his soulful tenor, Girls Like You gets off to a great start with Cardi B jumping in in the middle of the song, rapping in a less vulgar, more soulful but still as powerful as always.

Cardi B shows up in the video for the song, directed by David Dobkin, wearing an oversized yellow blazer which hid her pregnancy in plain sight. Overall, the video, though very simple, is really bomb and is geared towards celebrating women and their beauty without conforming to the stereotypical beauty standards of society. The video features cameo appearances by female celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige, Camilla Cabello, Tiffany Haddish, Gal Gaddot and so many more amazing women including the wife and daughter of Adam Levine. Quite a diverse bunch which we applaud because representation is key!

When it comes to rave-worthiness, we’re grading ‘Girls Like You’ an 8/10. Here’s our overriding rationale: it’s a wonderful sound with great visuals and a powerful message brought to life with familiar, relatable and beautiful faces that prove that beauty comes in varying shades and shapes.

Watch the video here…

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