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Trend Alert! The Tassel Earring Is The Jewelry Rave Of 2018

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Trend Alert! The Tassel Earring Is The Jewelry Rave Of 2018


What’s new is old; the tassel earring has been in existence for a while but before now, had only been attributed to women with a bohemian take on fashion. However, late 2017 saw a switch in this narrative as tassel earrings were thrown into the new crave for statement earrings. This movement made a lot of fashion lovers realize what they’ve been missing all this while!

The tassel earring manages to look as classic and chic as possible but at the same time offers a simple and easy way to integrate a bit of colour into your attire depending on whether what you have in your closet are morphed around the solid colour palette.


The beauty of a tassel earring usually lies in its seemingly simplistic outlook but there’s always a bit of sparkle, an understated timelessness and a cool vibe; you could say the earring makes the perfect amount of noise without seeming too loud or trying so hard.

The tassel earrings comes in different forms; some even have additions like beads and stones to them. To help you pick out the best, we’ve created a photo-book with six fashion bloggers spotting unique tassel earrings. From this selection you can see that each tassel earring brings something different to the wearer’s look; from elegant to fun and flirty to simple and vintage glam.

Here’s a look at “Tassel Magic”…

Annabelle Fleur

DIY by Amaris Sasha of Sliceofsashapie

Sasa Zoe of Shall We Sasa


Sandee Joseph of curvenvy

Mei of @blameitonmei

Jen of Commecoco

Jay Miranda of Jay Miranda

Photo Credit: As Captioned

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