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Multimedia Visual Artist TREVOR STUURMAN’s Portfolio Is Impressively Unconventional


Multimedia Visual Artist TREVOR STUURMAN’s Portfolio Is Impressively Unconventional


tanding out as a photographer requires a great deal of work, creativity, talent and a unique touch that separates your work from others otherwise one risks being relegated to the background, and South African photographer and multimedia visual artist Trevor Stuurman has all these, and in abundance.

Trevor Stuurman

Coming across Stuurman’s work had me intrigued with how unapologetically black and African it is. Unconventional, nonconforming, and colourful, his work speaks for itself. The multi-talented photographer, stylist and creative director has an uncanny and intriguing way of capturing South African high and street fashion in a way that reflects modernity while at the same time retaining that timeless distinct African soul.

And when you look beyond his ability to capture unadulterated Africaness in his shots, you’ll immediately fall in love with his way of capturing subjects, colours and elements in such a compositionally balance way. It’s quite surreal how he does it, making a still photograph look nothing less than painted art work; displaying simultaneously an understanding of the subject photographed and an understanding of his photography tool. It is this understanding and fine skills that has taken Trevor to such great heights and given him opportunities to work with the likes of Jaden Smith and being featured in several top industry magazines like GQ and Vogue.

Jaden Smith by Trevor Stuurman

We could go on and on about Trevor Stuurman’s work but we would rather let his work do all the talking, after all, a single picture is equivalent to a thousand words.

TREVOR STUURMAN | SR Select Portfolio

Photo credit: IG | Trevor_stuurman

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