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The Trendy Man! A Look At 5 Trends That Rocked The Men’s Fashion Industry In 2017


The Trendy Man! A Look At 5 Trends That Rocked The Men’s Fashion Industry In 2017


In a few days 2017 will be all wrapped up and while everyone is looking back and evaluating their year and the goals that were set at the beginning of the year, we are looking back at our favourite fashion trends of 2017; ones we will be dropping and those we plan to carry into the New Year.

This year, the men’s fashion sphere grew with many stylish men diving outside box, trying new things, revamping the old, rocking trends and still maintaining their unique and eccentric touches.

Here’s a list of 5 menswear trends that made wave in 2017…

1 | The Fanny Pack


The fanny pack somehow found itself latched on almost every menswear fashion influencer including Noble Igwe and other stylish men because not only is it stylish, it is also very practical. It proved itself as a very easy way to take the casual look up a notch. We see this trend making it into 2018 style trends.

2 | Nightwear During The Day 


Wearing your Pajamas out to work or anywhere other than to bed may have sounded weird prior to late 2016 but ever since it became a trend, it has become almost everyone’s favourite because it takes a real fashionable person to pull it off and this is one trend to look out for in 2018.

3 | The Athleisure Trend


The athleisure trend is fast becoming a staple rather than a trend. From casual looks to dressing down a suit, this was one versatile trend of 2017 and one celebrities couldn’t get enough of. As you can see actor Timini Egbuson looked simply flawless when he rocked the suit and athleisure trend.

4 | The Male Beret


One trend that was on high rotation in fashion shows and particularly the runway of Lagos Fashion And Design Week 2017 was the male beret. This was one of the most worn trends by both male and female fashion influencers worldwide.

5 | Denim Dungarees 


Nothing says a cool kid like the denim dungarees. The key to slaying this trend is being smart about what goes under your overalls. Whether the vintage dungarees trend will make a comeback in 2018 remains to be proven. Time will tell.

What were your favourite menswear trends this year and which do you hope to see make it into 2018?

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