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The Designer’s Style! A Look At The Personal Style Of 5 Of Your Favourite Nigerian Designers


The Designer’s Style! A Look At The Personal Style Of 5 Of Your Favourite Nigerian Designers

The life of a designer is intimately linked to tastes and sensibilities that change at a moment’s notice, and he or she must be able to capitalize on or – even better – influence those opinions. Designers reflect society’s sensibilities through clothing design.

We talk about celebrities and the designers behind their every look but we rarely look into the life or style of these designers. There is something undeniably powerful about knowing what works for you and wearing the said look with aplomb. Nobody knows this better than fashion designers whose job it is to make everyone look their best at all times.

A look at the personal style of 5 female Nigerian designers whose personal style have caught our attention…

Lisa Folawiyo – Jewel by Lisa 

We have Lisa to thank for taking her bedazzled Ankara styles to international runways which then propelled a look into the African fashion scene. Lisa is unapologetically in a different class of her own and this totally reflects in her collections as well as her personal style. Lisa’s style is sophisticated, interesting and different. She has a penchant for wearing unorthodox pieces and has mastered the art of creating unconventionally styles by mixing different prints, textures, and colours to achieve sophisticated looks.

Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi – LDA

One of Nigeria’s top designers, Lanre is such a pleasant person and approaches everything with elegance and grace. Her collections communicate with a blend of the old and the new and so does her personal style. Her style is modest, feminine, elegant, vibrant and unconventional yet well admired by any modern woman. Her choice pieces are always a contrast of the Victorian era mixed with more modern cuts.

Ogugua Okonkwo – Style Temple 

Already we’ve established that most collection reflects the designer’s personal preferences. Ogugua Okonkwo totally embodies this phrase as her brand Style Temple is more for the bold and sassy woman than anything else and we don’t expect her personal style to be otherwise. Ogugua approaches her clothing pieces  with a refined elegance by combining classic yet modern fashion with a play on the balance between the feminine and edgy.

Sandra Tubobereni – Tubo

Sandra, the creative director of Tubo, is one of the new fashion designers whose brand is bold, sexy and offers a blend of the femininity, fragility and the ‘strength of a woman’. Sandra’s style is as glamorous and classy as the looks she has created for the cosmopolitan woman while embracing her feminine features with grace and poise.

Derin Fabikun – Fablane by Derin

Derin’s outfits are more than just the basic styles. The creative director of Fablane by Derin, is definitely not your average Jane and her style reflects that. Derin loves to experiment with asymmetry, however, while she loves all things bold she also loves to keep her look really elegant, simple and pristine.

Photo credit: IG | Fablanebyderin, Tubo__, Style temple, Lanredasilvaajayi, Lisafolawiyo

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