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Gele Fabulous! The Embellished Gele Styles Is The New Norm And A Must Have!

Gele / Headwear

Gele Fabulous! The Embellished Gele Styles Is The New Norm And A Must Have!


The weekend is always filled up with all types of celebrations that requires the wearing of native/traditional attires or aso ebi’s. There was a time when wearing traditional pieces was mostly for older women or when forced as a child to wear one but now young ladies have seized this culture and are slaying endlessly with it. Geles are a display of one’s love for the Nigerian culture and it’s also a form of embracing one’s femininity the cultural way. The prominence of the head wrap will make you stand out so much that people would definitely notice you. However, adding beads and stones or both to the gele takes it from regular to uber stylish!

The gele A.K.A the traditional head gear/wrap that complements any native attire has received a lot of remodeling in recent times so much so that you are left in awe every time a lady passes you by with a beautifully tied one. The cause for the changes is due to our insatiable desire for something more grandeur which is in tune with our times. Looking trendy when it comes to styling our African attire is of topmost priority and we always top it up with a gele. The gele sometimes has the power to transform your ready-to-wear to haute couture instantly.

A look at a few enhanced gele inspirations…








How do you style your gele? Do you prefer a plain or an embellished gele look?

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