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Is Your Face Covered With Dark Spots? Learn How To Perfectly Conceal Them With Makeup


Is Your Face Covered With Dark Spots? Learn How To Perfectly Conceal Them With Makeup

We all strive for flawless skin but only a few are born with it which leaves many women constantly looking for ways to improve their skin using  natural and chemical-based products. While on the flawless skin journey, you still need to appear spotless once your makeup is done and that’s our focus today.

Makeup pro Kelechi Mgbemena is here to help us achieve that goal of having flawless skin. While most women will typically spend big to get the look, she gives us a more cost efficient method on how to conceal your spots and feel confident as you go about your day.

In this tutorial, Kelechi shows us how to achieve flawless skin with proper highlight and contour plus a full face coverage using affordable drugstore products.

Watch the full tutorial below… 

Comment below and let us know if this tutorial was helpful. Also, do let us know what worked or didn’t work for you.

Video Credit: Kelechi Mgbemena

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