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12 Outrageous Runway Looks From Fall Fashion Week | The Ridiculous List


12 Outrageous Runway Looks From Fall Fashion Week | The Ridiculous List

If you’re reading this article, you most likely love fashion or to say the least, just a bit curious to find out what outrageous looks or pieces the designers have put out this time. Well, I’ll tell you one thing, it gets crazier and crazier by the year and this year’s fall fashion week wasn’t any different.

In the name of avant-garde or art and creativity, these designers have shown crazy, unwearable ridiculousness on the runway as part of their ready-to-wear collection like trash bags and more – from New York, London, Milan and Paris – that aren’t exactly ready to wear in everyday life.

Let’s take a minute to appreciate fashion’s humorous side as highlighted in these pieces…shall we?

MOSCHINO – “When the dress code says “trashy” but you still want to look sophisticated.”

MOLLY GODDARD – Goodluck finding “some” in this froo froo!

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD – Obviously she’s been listening to and watching Labaja

RICK OWENS – “When you’re at Yaba left for losing your senses but not your fashion sense.” Psych!

PUCCI – When you don’t identify as a girl /woman anymore but as Cousin Itt from the Adams Family

MOSCHINO – “It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete trash, as long as you own it and can clean / wipe up after your own mess.”

MAISON MARGIELA – “God Forbid the rain ruins my 500k Brazilian weave, this Aba bag on the other hand can go.”

GUCCI – “Who cares about hijabs and breathing when you can sparkle, choke and suffocate all at once.”


Girl: “I want big boobs like Wendy Williams and big butt like Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose.”

Body Magic Rep. : “You’ve come to the right place, this piece is so magical it gives you extra boobs, butt and a hunch back for support.”

 ADAM SELMAN – When the dress code says floral

GIVENCHY – “Ever imagined what the devil would look like at it’s own wedding? Well there you go..”

THOM BROWNE – “When you take fashion advice from your village masquerade.”

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