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4 Easy Ways To Spot A Bad Barber | Men’s Beauty


4 Easy Ways To Spot A Bad Barber | Men’s Beauty

When it comes to barbers, there is definitely no chance at a second snip (at least not for a few more days or weeks, depending on the rate at which your hair grows). So it pays to know you can trust whoever is holding the clippers to your head.

Imagine you’re in a new city and away from your regular barber, yet you find yourself in sudden need for a fresh cut. How do you know who to trust with your hair?

How to spot a bad barber (According to popular barbers around the world)

1. Sterilized Tools

“It takes, on average, 10-minutes for tools to be sterilized. If your barber is simply dipping a comb or spraying the clippers in front of you, the chances are the equipment being used is not sterilized.”
General manager at Pall Mall Barbers, Daniel Davies.

2. Consultation

“The most important thing is the consultation, they should give you some suggestions and should never be too quick to bring out the clippers.”
Founder of barbershop and grooming brand Pankhurst London, Brent Pankhurst.

3. Cleanliness

“It does not matter what price you are paying, a barbershop needs to be spotless. If they don’t care about the shop, they probably don’t care about your hair.”
Director of Manifesto London, Mikey Pearson.

4. Attention to details

During a haircut is also an important time to pay attention. Though it may be too late this time, you can decide whether or not you’ll be back. Did the barber secure your cape correctly? Did they ask you how you wanted your haircut? Did they follow your instructions at all? If the answer is no to any of these questions, you probably shouldn’t make it your regular shop.

Anyone can buy a set of clippers and within a few weeks learn how to use the plastic attachments, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a professional. Is your barber a professional?


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