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Style Inspiration: Slaying at Your Next Job Interview!


Style Inspiration: Slaying at Your Next Job Interview!

It’s been a season of graduations. All over social media there are photos of happy family and friends celebrating the successes of their graduates. As a recent graduate, you must be excited about graduation and just as anxious about what’s next for you. As this old chapter in your life closes, a new one opens and all of a sudden you’re thrust into full time job hunting and job interviews! Hopefully, you’ll land a job interview sooner than later and suddenly you realize you have a closet full of clothes but at a loss for how to dress for your first interview.

I’ve been there and I know; there is nothing as nerve wrecking as deciding ‘what to wear for a job interview’! It is true that first impressions matter a lot and you want to leave a good memory on the minds of your interviewers.

An Interview isn’t a jail sentence, so enough with the worried and helpless expression while starring cluelessly at your wardrobe. As formal as an interview may seem, it’s important to be comfortable, corporate and classy; after all you want to show that you can fit in seamlessly into the corporate culture. Your personal style tells a lot about you and in some cases may even earn you that job you thought you just lost. Your style must never suffer in the process of job hunting. Take charge of your looks and leave a good impression behind you!

The key to styling for an interview is dressing to match the corporate style of the particular company you’re interviewing with. Every company has a corporate culture. Some are formal to a T while others are pretty laid back. You’ve got to do some research about any company you’re looking to work for and dress to match their corporate style. Show that you could be one of them! When it comes to colour, fitting and clothing item (dress vs pants vs skirt), be sure to dress in a style that matches the industry you’re getting into. So for instance, you shouldn’t wear a colourful outfit for a job interview with a law firm. However, if you’re interviewing with a fashion company, a touch or spread of colour would be just fine.

If you are wondering how to pull off the perfect job interview look, just take a look at celebrities like Victoria Beckham who stun even in formal-inspired attire. Better yet, take a look at a few styles in the gallery curated just for your inspiration.

Stay stylish!

Sema Bassie
SR Style Team

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Sema Bassie is a UK-based freelance writer in love with all things stylish and all things beautiful. She sees style as the ultimate form of passive communication.   At Style Rave, we aim to inspire our readers by providing engaging content to not just entertain but to inform and empower you as you ASPIRE to become more stylish, live smarter and be healthier. Follow us on Instagram! @StyleRave_ ♥

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