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Trendy African Print Inspired Accessories Are in Vogue | Gallery


Trendy African Print Inspired Accessories Are in Vogue | Gallery

Ladies, you will agree that it is often a tough decision settling on the perfect accessories to match your attire. The colour-block movement arrived and made it OK to mix up any colour of accessory to match your outfits. The colour-block trend is now almost history but the stress of accessorizing your outfit lives on. So what’s the in-thing in the world of accessories? African print-inspired accessories! They are edgy, trendy, bold, fun yet they exude an exotic timelessness.

Print-based shoe and bag set

African print-inspired accessories can take your outfit from 0 to 10 in a matter of seconds! It makes the most simplest of wears seem out of this world. I have always been one to dispose of or abandon left-over fabric at my tailor’s, but with all the fabulous style ideas this fashion age has to offer, I have taken a fashion pledge to hoard all such left-overs as I intend to fully indulge in this African print-powered trend.

Above, see a rich collection of ideas curated to help you visualize how you can use your left-over Ankara, Kente, Dashiki or Hollandais wax to create killa accessories or have a fashion designer create some for you if you’re not part of the DIY-generation.

Stay Stylish!

Sema Bassie
SR Style Team

Photo credit: Stella Jean, Pinterest

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