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Style Inspiration: The Ultimate Ankara Beachwear Lookbook


Style Inspiration: The Ultimate Ankara Beachwear Lookbook

It’s that time of the year again; it’s hot, sticky, uncomfortable and absolutely frustrating to bear. You’d rather stay in that AC-tight home or office just to stay out of the mean heat the scorching sun has to blast. You may even venture into chilled food stores to window shop just to get your cool back on and the sticky sweat off.

They say the sun offers vitamin E and you wonder how much of it you can truly take in when the heat is driving you crazy – and that’s when you decide to head to the beach, the perfect place to soak in all the vitamin E you can get while enjoying the refreshing coolness of the water.

Ankara is taking over the global fashion scene so it’s no surprise that Ankara-inspired beachwear is the in-thing! As a true stylista, if you’re going to make a fashion statement at the beach then Ankara is the look to wear. You can simply use your left over Ankara fabric and have a tailor create a piece to match your style.

We have curated the most fashion-forward Ankara-made bikinis, swimsuits and general beachwear to help you show up, own the shoreline and have heads rolling 360 degrees. Every piece is bold, unique and sexy… now go strut that shoreline like you own it!

Stay stylish!

SR Style Team

Photo credit: Stella Jean, Pinterest

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