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Style Inspiration: Friday Night Style Ideas to Help You Catch ‘His’ Attention


Style Inspiration: Friday Night Style Ideas to Help You Catch ‘His’ Attention

If you like me have been moving around all week like a zombie, overwhelmed by the stress of work or school and unable to catch a break to unfreeze your stuffy brain then I bet you must be excited its Friday or FRIYAY!, like the youngin’s say these days.

So what are you getting into this Friday night? Hanging out with friends or going on a date? Meeting for a meal out? Cinema? Clubbing? It’s your last work day into the weekend and you are ready to accord yourself the much needed relief from stress accumulated over the week. Whatever your plans maybe, though your mind may be cloggy and cloudy from work pressure, your style must not be a victim of the circumstance especially if you’re single and ready to mingle.

Here are a few curated Friday night style ideas to help you stand out wherever you go, and possibly catch the attention of a nice guy. Remember, Friday night wears should be free of tension, comfortable and very playful. So, Indulge the above gallery and keep us posted with your looks. Be sure to tag us on instagram #styleravenigeria.

Stay Stylish!

Sema Bassie
SR Style Team

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