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Style Inspiration: 19 Ways to Slay the Ankara on Denim Look


Style Inspiration: 19 Ways to Slay the Ankara on Denim Look

After taking in all the fab looks we’ve curated of the Ankara + Denim trend, you’ll have to agree nothing’s ever looked better paired with Denim. The chic effect Ankara has on Denim is however dependent on your personal style. There is no clear-cut straight jacket means to rock this look so it requires a bit of creativity, fashion insight and an active imaginative mind.  This combination is super stylish and very fashion-forward! It’s a look that you can wear for almost any non-formal event. You can start by simply pairing one of your existing Ankara blouses (from a blouse and skirt set) with a Denim pants or one of your existing casual Ankara skirts with a Denim shirt and viola! you’re in on the trend.

Got a house party, bridal shower or birthday lunch to attend? Then this is one look that can get you noticed the moment you walk in.

Give it a try and be sure to tag us on Instagram for a potential feature on our page. #StyleRaveNigeria

Stay Stylish!

SR Style Team

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