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Fenty x Puma – Check Out Rihanna’s Stylish Sneaker Designs

Fenty x Puma – Check Out Rihanna’s Stylish Sneaker Designs


Back in February Rihanna and Puma announced they had collaborated on a sneaker collection and sneaker enthusiasts couldn’t wait for it to arrive in stores? Well, you can now lay your hands of the collection. Rihanna has designed a pair of high-top sneakers named trainer for her Fenty and Puma line in limited colors: black, red, and white. The designs are quite trendy and fit perfectly into the contemporary athleisure street style so don’t expect to go running in these shoes.

Rihanna fans and “trainer,” can buy a pair for $180 online (check or in select stores starting June 15.

Check out the smooth designs below.

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