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11 Fashionable Nigerian Moms Who Make Motherhood Look So Good!

11 Fashionable Nigerian Moms Who Make Motherhood Look So Good!

Motherhood doesn’t have to mean the beginning of a lifetime of iro and buba; not that there’s anything wrong with iro and buba.

For many women, motherhood signals the end of self and the beginning of a lifetime of sacrifices for family. Having a baby really changes a woman and a lot of women lose themselves and their identity in the process. The battle to be a great mother is real and so is the battle of not losing your identity and sense of style. In fact, you’ll become and even better mom if you can rejuvenate yourself, revamp your style and get your groove back. It’s guaranteed your relationship with your beau will be even more exciting as he’ll always have something great to look forward to: your looks!

Mother’s day is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world but mother’s day really is everyday! In celebration of the American mother’s day, we’ve curated a gallery of 11 young Nigerian mothers whose style are inspiring and super refreshing. There is so much beauty and power in seeing women juggling kids, managing homes and chasing their dreams, especially as entrepreneurs and doing it all in style!

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