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Four Fun Ways to Serve Braids This Christmas Season

Four Fun Ways to Serve Braids This Christmas Season






Looking for a unique holiday look? Most girls rock a multitude of hairstyles from the beginning to the end of the year and when Christmas comes around, everyone scrambles to find that one hairstyle that will help them stand out all season long. From weaves to wigs, many complain about being stuck with the same look, especially those of us going natural and using weaves to pacify the awkward phase. How about something else for a difference? How about braids with a bunch of versatile ways to style it.

You can style and rock your braids in a number of fun and classy ways. If you’re open to rocking braids this holiday season, then this is one major natural-hair protective hairstyle lookbook/tutorial you’ll love.

It’s the holidays so you wanna ooze fun and just be funky. So you can throw your hair in a bun, or wrap it in some funky way.

Here are 4 fun ways to serve braids this Christmas. Have fun trying it out.

The Dependable Bun

How to:

  • Put hair in high ponytail (shuku)
  • Part it into two
  • Wrap one section around the other and tuck hair under hair band
  • Repeat again for the other section and voila

The Bun Pompadour


How To:

  • Create a high ponytail into one side, split into three big tresses/sections as seen in the picture and braid each of the sections
  • Each in their turn along the skull, make them lightly pass along the forehead by pulling to the opposite side of the ponytail
  • Tuck them down with as many bobby pins as desired

The Ring Style



How To:

  • Twist all your braids in one direction
  • In one motion, swoop them all back to one side
  • secure with bobby pins

Mini Front Bun

How To:

  • Move the top section of your braids to the front
  • braid it all the way to the end,
  • Make a twist round the front section with the braided part and leave the last bit of the braids out.
  • Pin it down to secure it!

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