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These 13 Professional Hairstyles For Black Women Are SR-Approved

These 13 Professional Hairstyles For Black Women Are SR-Approved


Your hairstyles as a professional, especially as a black woman is just as important as the clothes you wear to work. After all, your colleagues and clients notice everything about your appearance including your hair, makeup and attire. The first glance is important and as you know you are addressed the way you dress – this includes your hair! nikki-ogunnaike-gq-deputy-fashion-director-style-rave

There are lots of hairstyles you can wear daily to work, meetings and other professional events as a black woman but not all are befitting of this important segment of your life. While some are trendy and others more traditional, you must always remember that your hairstyle should reflect a balance of your personality and your line of work. For every look, there should also be a balance between your wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle. 

Omoni Oboli

If your makeup is a little edgy you should opt for a more toned down hairstyle to avoid looking like you’re aiming to be the life of the party – when there’s actually no party happening.

Whether you prefer to wear your natural hair, weave or a wig is a matter of choice but in all cases, your look must be tasteful, professional and polished.

We have curated 13 workplace hairstyles that will make you look fabulous while maintaining an ultimate professional appearance in and outside of the office environment. 

Here’s a selection of the best hairstyles for every professional woman…

Smooth bob

Ambrosia Malbrough

The bob hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles of the moment and easily works for the professional environment. It gives a clean and chic look that’s perfect for a formal environment.

Go sleek with center-parted straight hair


Look sophisticated and polished with a sleek, straight hairdo and keep the loose strands behind your shoulder for a serious corporate appeal and to save yourself the trouble of constantly re-positioning strands when talking to your coworkers or clients.


Glow Princess

The cornrow hairstyle is one edgy hairstyle that isn’t a bad idea for a professional environment. Keep it simple and chic!


Tia Mowry

The ponytail hairstyle is one polished look that can never go out of style and definitely works for the professional woman.

Classic braids 

Lisa Folawiyo

You can certainly have some fun with a braided hairstyle. Just remember to keep it more simple than all over the place. 

Side parted hairstyle 

Olomide Didi

Wearing a side-parted hairstyle is a good way to create a serious and professional image while maintaining your edge. It makes one look effortlessly stylish and sophisticated. 

Short, natural hairdo

Timeless black elegance anyone? This needs no explaining. Does it?

Spice things up with a fringe 

Idia Aisien

Your hair doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, you can adopt a more textured look like Idia Aisien and finish it up with a light fringe. A fun look like this works best for semi-formal workplaces. 

Sleek back into a bun or ponytail

White Melanin

This has the same vibe as a side-parted hairstyle; clean, elegant and sophisticated!

Keep it short and stylish

Lola Oj

Gone are the days when professional environments called for a compulsory prim and proper look. A short haircut gives you that unique and edgy appeal while at work and is a great look for the lady who wants to show off her inner creative side.

Wavy Hairstyle

vanessa Matsena

When wearing wavy hair at work, avoid covering both sides of your face with hair. Opt for simple, consistent curls and keep the color dark or natural – that is, matching your natural hair tone. Colored curly hair may come off ass too showy for a professional environment.

Embrace your natural curls

Temitope Adesina

A natural curly hairstyle is a trendy and timeless hairstyle for the professional environment and will definitely win you lots of second glances – good ones!

Photo Credit: Instagram | As Captioned – Updated 10/05/19

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