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10 Of The Best Online Games To Play With Friends

10 Of The Best Online Games To Play With Friends

Best Online Games To Play With Friends

Although the lockdown is easing off, social distancing is still emphatically advised for all of our safety. If there are times when online games are most relevant, it’s now. Where there’s a will, there’s a way––so we might not be comfortable playing outdoors yet, but one sure-fire way to relax and have fun is playing interesting online games with your friends. Best online games for free.

Even the natural “non-game” playing individuals are running out of ideas to stay entertained, so online games are becoming more popular than ever, and we’re here for it! Online games multiplayer.

What other fun way is there to play with friends and family without being physically present?

These online games are awesome to play with friends for that fun experience…

#1. Checkers

It’s interesting to note that not all your friends are into HD and complex technology (trust me, that’s how they see it), but good old checkers are as simple and as fun. This online game allows for two players, and it’s time to show that friend who’s boss since you’ve been virtually practicing (tell me you have). Best online games for free.

Play here.

#2. Ludo king

Ludo has always been a household game because it cuts across every age group and social strata. This game literally doesn’t discriminate and helps sharpen our wits. Little wonder why it’s the most downloaded Ludo game. It’s definitely going to bridge the gap and help you miss your friends less. It’s also available to play offline.

Play here. Online games multiplayer.

#3. Decurse

As the name implies, go on a journey through a mysterious land submerged in water and attempt to reverse curses. This game is adventurous and fun to play with your friends.

Play here.

#4. Pokemon Go

Walk around your house in this hide and seek game, trying to catch a hiding pokemon. In consideration of the pandemic, the manufacturers have limited the game to catching monsters around your home instead of walking around the neighborhood. Try to stay safe and not run into things because this game can be engrossing.

Play here.

#5. Psych

Don’t be in a hurry to skip this app, thinking it’s some tarot reading app, although it still requires a level of thinking. This cool internet game allows for a video chat with friends while the game is ongoing; how cool is that? In this game, you provide answers to trivia questions, false and true alike. Your friends get to choose the true answers. Now you’ll know who knows you for real.

Play here. Best online games for free.

#6. UNO!

You don’t have to be physically present with friends before you play card games. This is one of the most popular and simple games people like to play with their friends. It almost seems like there’s an unsaid pressure to beat them in a card game, and social distancing or not, it’s going down.

Play here. Online games multiplayer.

#7. Clash of clans

If you like a bit of action, throwing explosives into the enemy’s camp and dragons, then get to downloading this multiplayer game.

Play here.

#8. You don’t know jack

Thanks to quarantine, this classic game has recently been made available online. This Jackbox game has cured lots of boredom with outrageous trivia questions that might make you realize you don’t know jack.

Play here.


If you’re an artist or have a flair for drawing, then you might cozy up to this game. After virtually setting up with friends, someone gets to choose a word from the list and attempts to draw it within 80 seconds while others guess what you’re drawing. I guess you’re already making a mental picture of the most confusing font type. Have mercy, soldier, mercy! It’s just game night.

Play here. Online games multiplayer.

#10. FIFA 20

Is there even an online multiplayer game list if FIFA 20 doesn’t make it? This is one competitive game that keeps your adrenaline pumping till the 91st minute. Scoring that goal and flooring your opponents is still the best feeling ever. Pitch perfect!

Play here.

The pandemic can’t rain on your parade as you and your friends try to stay safe. Online games are one of the best things ever to happen this season. We stan!

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