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10 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Main Handbag to Survive the Day | SR Lifestyle

10 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Main Handbag to Survive the Day | SR Lifestyle

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“Most women would feel naked without their handbags.”

There are loads of reasons why women have a close affinity with their bags. You may think it’s just another addition to a woman’s overall style or maybe just another fashion statement. Although it may seem as a luxury item with brands like Hermès and Louis Vuitton making loads of bucks from women with outrageously priced arm candies, a handbag is actually a necessary survival kit. Think of it as a woman’s style first aid box.

Without a handbag or purse, where would a woman puts all those items she can’t live without. The only thing more important than a woman’s arm candy are the candies she actually puts in them. So what’s in your main handbag? From cell phone to sanitary pads, selfie-sticks and makeup, every woman has a few item she can’t leave home without. But there are key items experts agree every classy woman should have in her master purse. Think of it as a daily survival kit! The survival kit helps her stay put together, simplifies her day and keeps her in close touch with her favourite items at all times.

To help our Style Ravens set up their survival kits, we have curated this ultimate guide to packing your main handbag.

Think basics first…

These are the things that must be put in the bag first (especially when you switch bags), because you can’t do without them. Think mobile phones, wallet, mints and the likes.

Think goal for the day…

Are you trying to finish a read? Will you switch your makeup after work? Or will you be attending a networking meeting and need a stash of your comp cards. You have to pack your bag with specific goals in mind.

Think favourites…

These are affinity items. For example: mini-workstations (iPads), selfie-sticks. We know our fave companions, let them follow us around.

You don’t want to have a bad day because you forgot something major at home. So below is your survival kit master-list. Let this be your guide:

  • Wallet



  • Mints





  • Pen/Note Pad

pen and notepad


  • Mini Makeup Purse

mini makeup purse


  • Moisturizer



  • Charger(s)


  • Signature Scent

signature scent

  • Hygiene Products


  • Selfie Stick

selfie stick

  • Sunglasses


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