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10 Fashionable Trends to ROCK in 2017 | SR Style Watch

10 Fashionable Trends to ROCK in 2017 | SR Style Watch

As the year winds down, it’s only right to reflect on our life and wardrobe choices over the last 12 months. A couple of days ago I did just that, reflected on some of the fashion choices I made in 2016 and came up with a few trends that I definitely wanna rock in 2017. Today I will be sharing these trends with you and because I think you should totally ROCK them too. Why? SS17 shows both international and local have shown that these trends are going be here for a while so what’s your excuse?

The Bomber Jacket

When Bomber Jackets hit the fashion scene earlier on in the year, I thought “Naija is too hot for all these ones” but boy, was I wrong. Bomber jackets come in all sort of fabrics, colours and cuts. The best part is that Nigerian brands like Style Temple and Maju have incorporated this piece into their collections in a way that appeals to the Nigerian weather.

Velvet Visions

Remember that old song? “Akwaoche na him they reign, my sister go buy your own“? Well the singer wasn’t wrong, better go get yours asap as velvet has made another huge comeback and will be here a while. This time the dynamics have changed though. You can rock them stylishly in shoes, slip dresses and underwear, not just as Aso Ebi.

Rad Ruffles

Nothing says sweet and romantic than ruffles. Hello Valentine!

If like I am, you’re weary of wearing frills, start out in small does, like a nice ruffled blouse paired with your favourite pair of jeans.

Mini Me

With Mini mes, you can only take what you need. This trend ties into the minimalist school of thought. Mini bags are all the rave and I love them, however, I still carried last with these trend because my eye was “chooking” and I couldn’t afford the brands I wanted. If the same applies to you, you’re in luck! I stumbled on a few Nigerian brands (Muji Lagos) who make these gorgeous babies for decent prices.

Extended Sleeves

An article I read somewhere referred to this trend as an ” at-your-own-risk trend” simply because it can be hard to pull off. However, I beg to differ because it’s all about proportions and balancing them rightly. Try it out and you’ll see!

Athleisure Pieces

I love, love athleisure! The combination of active-wear and street-wear is exciting and whoever invented the idea is pure genius. It is also worth saying that this trend is not only for “team fit fam” as anyone can rock and rock it well. Throw on a pair of opaque leggings,  your favorite kicks, a nice top and a pair of sunnies (Dapmod maybe?) and viola!

I’m eager to see more athleisure collections in 2017.

Slip ‘N Slides

I have a few friends who are guilty of overindulging in this trend. It’s like they kissed their shoes and sandals goodbye, switching it for the comfort that slides, mules, etc. gives. I’m certain next year will be the same, after all comfort is always a priority.

Lingerie as Outwear

There’s something so feminine and sexy about letting your lingerie peak out right beneath your clothes or downing a slip dress or a lingerie inspired PJ set. Sexy and all, to pull off this trend you must do it tastefully, you don’t wanna look trashy or have major fashion faux pas moments in 2017.

So which of these trends are you big on?

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