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AFROGRUNGE Collection Took A Step In The ‘Bright’ Direction On DAY 1 OF SA Fashion Week | #SAFW


AFROGRUNGE Collection Took A Step In The ‘Bright’ Direction On DAY 1 OF SA Fashion Week | #SAFW


As South African Fashion Week opened its doors to guests, buyers and the press with the aim of celebrating the future of fashion and the talents in the country, indigenous fashion brand, AFROGRUNGE was gearing up to steal the spotlight with a unique contemporary collection which stuck to a red and white palette on bold designs.

The term ‘Afrogrunge’ for the design house especially pertaining to this collection was more as a form of endearment than it was about the sub-culture. Working with a strict colour theme, the brand was able to express a modern simplicity that eyes were easily drawn to. It was hard to ignore the cleverly shaped patterns, the layering and the pencil-like drawings on some of the pieces.

What this collection proved is that sometimes expressiveness can be characterized by the most minimal features. The collection offered a new dimension to the scope of fashion; it was peculiar yet captivatingly unique and refreshingly youthful. Thanks to its simplified state, it proved that even though the Autumn/Winter seasons are quite bland, your fashion choices can be interesting without too much being infused into it.


In true grunge fashion, this collection was a rebel compared to the others seen on Day 1. However, the injection of white tennis shoes, something that is well known as a piece of South African Fashion history, brought a level of familiarity to the collection.

Here are select pieces from AfroGrunge’s latest collection…



Watch the Afrogrunge AW19 Show…

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