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EXQUISITE! “Iced Flowers” By Svetlana Evstigneeva Is An Ode To Grace, Femininity And Elegance!


EXQUISITE! “Iced Flowers” By Svetlana Evstigneeva Is An Ode To Grace, Femininity And Elegance!


For Spring/Summer 2018, Russian clothing designer Svetlana Evstigneeva and Russian headwear and accessories brand BeretkAh accessories jointly presented a collection tagged “Iced Flowers”. The exquisite collection filled with romanticism is an ode to grace, femininity, refinement and elegance.

The collection features cocktail dresses with floral decoration and constructively sophisticated evening dresses with three-dimensional elements. Each outfit shows an embodiment of lightness and femininity, as well as blooming youth. The design of wedding dresses from Svetlana is a combination of feminine styles with noble natural fabrics: silk, chiffon, Italian tulle and taffeta. The dresses were created for romantic and gentle natures.

The collection was created with the awareness of the fleeting time that you want to stop. And the ice is one of those fluid states in which the beauty of the blossoming flower – the personification of youth can be preserved. Svetlana imitated the thickness of the ice with layers of tissues, forming flower compositions. 

Grace and lightness are present in the collection not only conceptually, but literally. Voluminous, practically dimensionless dress-clouds with textured waves, paired with unusual headdresses, so fragile from the side, but exquisitely emphasizing and completing the bizarre silhouette of the whole image, makes this collection an undoubtedly amazing one.

A look at the collection…


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