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Sensational! Saiid Kobeisy Tells Tales From The East With His Couture SS18 Collection | Lookbook


Sensational! Saiid Kobeisy Tells Tales From The East With His Couture SS18 Collection | Lookbook


When it comes to couture, you have to give it up for Lebanese designers as they definitely mastered the art of creating  structured couture outfits that leave you speechless. One of these designers is Saiid Kobeisy who has released his Couture SS18 collection tagged ‘Tales from the East.’

Saiid is famous for his cascading silhouettes, dramatic cuts, peplums, asymmetries and glamorous handcrafted details. His aesthetics is a striking mélange of opposites, where the modern meets the classic, the sensual softens the bold, and the unexpected twists make a lasting impression. These aesthetics can be seen in this collection that is designed for the woman who is not afraid to leave her mark and effortlessly turn heads while fearlessly strutting down her path.

According to the designer,

“This collection is inspired by the most royal and regal of birds, the Manchurian Crane that makes its spring voyage to China every year. The crane is revered in ancient myths as a symbol of elegance, purity, and nobility and admired for its untiring strength; all qualities that are beautifully translated in the collection’s Feather-encrusted robes, fluttering layers, and colors like fiery red, jet black and whisper white.”

A look at the collection…



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