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Dolce and Gabbana Takes On High End and Practical Fashion In Its Alta Sartoria Presentation


Dolce and Gabbana Takes On High End and Practical Fashion In Its Alta Sartoria Presentation



his past weekend was quite an interesting one, from rapper Cardi B performing on Saturday Night Live and finally confirming her pregnancy to the presentation of the Dolce and Gabbana Haute Couture Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria collections which were presented for the first time ever in New York City.

The four days of pure high fashion fun consisted of the presentation of the Alta Gioielleria High End jewelry line, the menswear presentation at the Rainbow Room, the women’s wear presentation at the Metropolitan Opera and closing the weekend of fun with a party at the Top of The Standard; and while all these were going on, private buying was also taking place at the St Regis Hotel.

The Alta Sartoria, which was held on Saturday featured a total of 103 looks which were strutted out to the voice of legendary Broadway diva Liza Minnelli. The pieces all treaded the line of literal practical fashion and artsy costume which helps it appeal to clients and celebrities, young and old alike. Pieces like alligator shawl collar jackets, flowered robes over matching trousers, and crystal embedded suits all served to mix the Italian high fashion and New York practical fashion in a way to help create an atmosphere of attainable wealth. The women’s Alta Moda presentation which held on Sunday featured even more couture drama.

The celebrity studded event saw the likes of Steve Harvey, Nick Jonas and Trevor Noah in attendance.

A look at stunning pieces from the Alta Sartoria Presentation…


Photo credit: IG | dolcegabbana

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