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Bad Gal RiRi Is A Fashion Warrior: See The Times She’s Pulled Off The Impossible


Bad Gal RiRi Is A Fashion Warrior: See The Times She’s Pulled Off The Impossible


We all know the Bajan beauty is super extra; her hair is extra, her nails are extra and of cause her outfits are extraaa!  There is a meme that says “Everything looks crappy until Robyn *Rihanna* fenty wears it” and we are the first to admit that this is the gospel.

A study  was carried out a while back which proved that Rihanna is the most marketable artiste in the world. Rihanna can turn a poly bag into a fashion accessory and the world would follow suit. The superstar is a sartorial risk taker and this you can see from her impressive street style. Unlike most of her counterparts, Riri’s take on relaxed and laid-back is on another level. You can find her sporting over the top sweat shirts on denim or some uncommon architectural piece straight off the runway. The best part remains how perfect and effortlessly she pulls off each look.

Only Rihanna can dress the way she does and get away with it but that’s not the only role she plays. If you call the star a fashion seer then you would be correct. Since 2014 it has been noticeable that Rihanna sets the trends while others follow. From the naked dress, to fanny packs to off the shoulder trench coats and stretching the athleisure trend thanks to her collaboration with PUMA, ‘Bad Gal Riri’ has established herself as the ultimate millenial style icon.

Here’s a look at Rihanna’s latest style takes…

Photo Credit: IG | Badgalriri

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