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ARISE Fashion Week 2018: Wearable Art Is The New Fad Thanks To Gozel Green’s “Time” Collection


ARISE Fashion Week 2018: Wearable Art Is The New Fad Thanks To Gozel Green’s “Time” Collection


Fashion is all about exploring new ways to stand out without ignoring the trends and Gozel Green has always been the brand that aims to do just that. The fashion house whose pieces are a true form of artwork incorporates unconventional and diverse cultural backgrounds around Africa, especially Nigeria, in its designs and the result is a truly unique and fashion-forward pieces.

True to their vision of telling stories and visualizing it through fashion, Gozel Green‘s collection at the just concluded Arise Fashion Week is both artsy and alluringly filled with soft eccentric silhouettes. For the brand it’s all about “Re-imagining” what life is without being able to do certain things the conventional way.

The “Time” collection speaks to the adventurer in us all; the risk taker and the lover of culture. From the knots to the cut-offs and attachments, Gozel Green makes art wearable with this collection.

Here’s a peek at the collection…

Photo Credit: Kola Oshalusi | @insigniaonline

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