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Glossy Eye Make-up Is The Trending Makeup Look You Should Try!


Glossy Eye Make-up Is The Trending Makeup Look You Should Try!

Over the years we have seen models walk down the runway wearing glossy eyelids but usually beauty trends on the runway do not really make their way to the mainstream beauty world because they often end up looking dramatic but this make-up trend just made its way to the real world. The glossy eye make-up trend just as the name sounds entails adding some amount of gloss on the eyelids.

This trend fits perfectly even for the minimalist make-up lovers as it makes you look like you are not trying too much and gives off a super fab subtle look. It is versatile and can also be achieved with bright colours for the bold make-up lovers. This look can be frightening because it’s different from the usual eye-shadow application and when not applied properly could result in a mess.

But trust us, it is not so hard, you just have to follow these simple steps: First, prep your eyes with a moisturiser to avoid dryness on the eye, then apply an eye-shadow primer. The next step is to apply the eye-shadow of your choice as you normally do and top it off with a gloss and you are ready to step out. In the absence of gloss, vaseline can also be used to achieve this look as it gives a similar effect.

Here are some images of the glossy eye make-up trend…

glossy eye shadow style rave



Charlotte Fenwick

glossy eye shadow style rave






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