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Double Dose Of Chic! Meet Deaf Twin Fashion Bloggers Hermon and Heroda


Double Dose Of Chic! Meet Deaf Twin Fashion Bloggers Hermon and Heroda


Hermon and Heroda were born and raised in Asmara, Eritrea before moving to London in the United Kingdom. At the tender age of seven, the twin sisters both became deaf at the same time due to unknown causes and have remained the same ever since. For the sisters however, their inability to hear has no effect on how they live their life or how the want to be perceived.

For them their disability is an ability as they feel they can connect more emotionally with others and they believe if they were able to hear this would not be as easy. Hermon and Heroda, both have a strong bond and refer to themselves as ‘soul sisters’. Thanks to their obvious bond, it’s not hard to see that they are passionate about the same things; like travelling, culture, living in London and the most obvious, fashion.

hermon and heroda instagram

And it is this shared passion for fashion that drove them to start a blog together. The sisters noted a hunger for “real inspiration” and so they set up their blog as a means to share their journey with the world. For Hermon and Heroda, realness in fashion involves realistic fashion tips, expressing their personalities through the choice of their outfits and most importantly being true to themselves. The stylish duo showcase themselves through their attires and their go to style is realistic, simple and vibrant. They beautiful strength definitely shines through in every shot.

Take a look at their style…

hermon and heroda

Photo Credit: IG | Being__her

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